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Image of the workshop Hazard Spotting - Laminated glass

The benefits of the VR-based Hazard Spotting - Laminated glass course

•    Active learning where trainees remember 90%* of what they do

•    Real-time statistics on the procedural errors made.

•    Innovative management tool for debriefing and leading change

Hazard Spotting - Laminated glass course objectives

Hazard Spotting - Laminated glass course in a glazing warehouse is part of the company's safety policy and aims to contribute to the reduction of workplace accidents. Risks are hidden in a laminated glass warehouse. These risks appear randomly, depending on the duration of the exercise chosen by the trainer.

For trainees:

• Identify the hazardous situations and high-risk behavior appearing at random in the virtual warehouse.

• View the corrections sheet at the end of the exercise to measure the number of errors identified and review the procedures for any errors that have gone unnoticed.

For the company:

• Reduce the frequency rate of work-related accidents.

• Familiarize employees with best health and safety practices.

• Raise awareness and produce a long-term influence on behavior with virtual reality.

• Catch your employees' attention more effectively by offering them an innovative training approach.

Target audience for the Hazard Spotting - Laminated glass

•    All employees working in a laminated glass warehouse

Equipment required

A standalone VR headset. With an Internet connection, you can view your reports and update your courses.

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Available in September 2023
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