The challenges of training

Driving a refuse truck exposes operators and rippers to serious accidents, especially if certain procedures are not followed. It is therefore important to ensure that operators perform a number of checks on the vehicle and are made aware of the various risk behaviours.


The benefits of virtual reality

The majority of individuals only understand and assimilate a danger after having experienced it. Indeed, an individual retains 20% of what they hear and 90% of what they do*. This is why VR is used to confront your employees with the risks of bad driving behaviour in a virtual environment. Real-time statistics are available to identify errors and shortcomings in order to resolve them, initiate change and thus work in better conditions.


Objective of the training course Hazard spotting - Refuse truck

For the learner :

- Identify and prevent accidental abnormalities and risky behaviors before driving a household dumpster,

- Know the safety procedures and acquire good practices,

- Evaluate your knowledge.

For the company :

- Reinforce the risk prevention policy in the workplace,

- Raise employee awareness of good health and safety practices,

- Recall the safety procedures in effect and the checks to be carried out before driving a dumpster-type vehicle

Target audience for the Hazard Spotting Refuse Truck training
•    Novice and experienced refuse truck operators and rippers


Equipment required:

A Pico Neo 3 Virtual Reality headset. With an Internet connection, you can view your reports and update your courses. 

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