The issues of the course

On an industrial construction site, co-activity between pedestrians, vehicles and other equipment and operations in confined space or work at height can be dangerous when life saving rules are not respected. Pedestrians too close of a gear in operation, missing equipment, unrespected procedures, the risks are many and severe.


The benefits of the virtual reality

The majority of people only understand and assimilate a danger after having experienced it. Indeed, an average person retains 20% of what he hears and 90% of what he does. The Virtual Reality confronts your employees with 10 major risks in a virtual environment. Statistics of the runs are sent online to identify errors and shortcomings of the learners in order to resolve them, initiate change and thereby work in better conditions.


Hazard Spotting - 10 life saving rules course objectives

The Hazard Spotting - 10 major risks course is designed to promote your company's safety policy and aims to minimize work-related accidents. Ten hazards associated with life saving rules are hidden on a construction site. The learner must find those hazards so he can avoid the major risks when he practices his job as well as having a better understanding of the life saving rules. A correction phase at the end of the exercise recalls the procedure and the life saving rule associated with the missed hazards.


For trainees:

• Identify, assess and prevent high-risk situations while walking through a site featuring a combination of pedestrian and vehicle traffic (trucks and construction vehicles).

• Move about the site by following the safety instructions and procedures.

• Know and understand the 10 life saving rules.

• Experience a virtual simulation of an accident and its consequences.


For the company:

• Highlight and reproduce potentially hazardous situations and thereby alert workers to such risks.

• Ensure that employees follow procedures.

• Analyze and measure how employees react to such hazardous situations.

• Reduce the frequency rate of work-related accidents.


Target audience for the Hazard Spotting - 10 life saving rules course

•  All employees, from office employees to field teams as well as new hired employees.


Equipment required

A Pico Neo 3 standalone VR headset.


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