The issues of the training

In several type of works, acid emissions are ordinary and in this case, it is important to follow the safety rules. Also, the exposure can be accidental like a leak or a break and the non-compliance of safety rules can be lethal for the employee. Chemicals cause damages on health and it can infect by inhalation pathway, dermal route or digestive tract. The possible diseases after exposure is cancer, heart problems and skin irritation, it depends on the part of the body infected and the nature of the chemical.


The benefits of the virtual reality

For most people, the possible risk related to bad behavior are understood after having lived it. Indeed, an individual retains 20% of what he heard, and he retains 90% of what he felt. So, with VR your employees confront acid emissions risks in a virtual environment. Statistics in real-time are available to identify mistake in order to solve it, ensure the change and work in better conditions.


Course’s objectives

For trainees:

  • Equip required PPEs for operation in place with acid emissions risks

  • Know the risks related to acid emissions

  • React efficiently in case of acid exposure


For the company:

  • Raise the employees’ awareness about acid exposure

  • Avoid any accident


Target audience for the course

All employees handling acid.


Equipment required:

A Virtual Reality Standalone headset HTC Focus+. With an Internet connection, you can view your reports and update your courses.


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