The challenges of training:

Some operations require the cutting of hydraulic networks. However, this is not without risk. Hydraulic consignment and deconsignment must be carried out according to a protocol and in compliance with strict safety rules. In the event of a problem, the lives of technicians operating on the network and/or other workers in the plant are at stake. 

Objective of the training:

The learner is immersed in an industrial site where his mission is to prepare an intervention on the hydraulic network. It is up to him to equip himself with the appropriate equipment, to put in place good practices to cut and lock out the right part of the network safely and to ensure that the intervention can take place without danger. 

For the learner: 

Select their equipment with the appropriate materials,

Identify the part of the network to be isolated,

Implement the correct actions to cut and lock out the network safely,

Secure the isolation of the valves to ensure that the work can be carried out safely.

Deconsign the network and return the network to service safely. 


For the company:

Carry out hydraulic maintenance operations in a way that is safe for the technician and other workers.

Raise awareness of the importance of scrupulously respecting the consignment/unconsignment protocols

Make the learner experience an accident to make him understand the stakes of lockout/tagout


Target audience of the training :

This training is aimed at operators working on water, liquid and gas circuits, team leaders and operational managers.

Equipment required:

A HTC Focus 3 virtual reality headset connected to the internet to download the module, access the reporting and update your information.

Available in December 2022

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