The issues of the training

Operations on electrical installation may be dangerous when the safe instruction are not respected. The severe accident that occurred after an operation on electrical installation has been decreasing every year but when the accident occurs, it may be fatal. According to INRS, around ten individuals die electrocuted every year.

The benefits of the virtual reality

For most people, the possible risk related to a bad behavior are understood after having lived it. Indeed, an individual retains 20% of what he heard, and he retains 90% of what he felt. So, with VR your employees confront accident related to the non-compliance of the safe instructions during an operation on indoor electrical installation in a virtual environment. Statistics in real-time are available to identify mistake in order to solve it, ensure the change and work in better conditions.

The aims of Lockout - Indoor course

The Lockout-Tagout course for low and high-voltage electrical equipment is designed to promote your company's safety policy and aims to minimize work-related accidents and damage to property when employees are working on indoor electrical systems and installations. The sequence of operations specified by the French National Research and Safety Institute (INRS) must be followed to ensure work safety.

For trainees:

• Check that they have understood the safety instructions at each step in the LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) process: wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE), compliance with the recommended sequence of mandatory and regulatory
LOTO operations, and so on.

• Remain focused and follow the instructions and procedures.

• Experience a virtual simulation of an accident and its consequences.

For the company:

• Ensure that employees follow procedures.

• Expose your employees to virtual hazardous situations that cannot be simulated in real life.

• Raise awareness and produce a long-term influence on behavior with virtual reality.

• Reduce the frequency rate of work-related accidents.

Target audience for the Lockout – Indoor course

All employees who are required to perform lockout procedures on indoor electrical equipment.

Equipment required:

A standalone VR headset. With an Internet connection, you can view your reports and update your courses.

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