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The benefits of the VR-based Pallet Handling course

• Active learning where trainees remember 90%* of what they do

• Real-time statistics on the procedural errors made

• Innovative management tool for debriefing and leading change


Pallet Handling course objectives

The Pallet Handling course is part of the Movement & Posture category and is mandatory for all organizations with employees performing handling activities (Section R231-71 of French labor regulations).

For trainees:

• Be aware of the risk of accidents and injuries to themselves and others when handling and transporting goods stored on pallets.

• Learn the right movements and posture that are used several times a day and which affect health to varying degrees and require physical effort.

For the company:

• Highlight and reproduce potentially hazardous situations and thereby alert employees to such risks.

• Ensure that employees follow procedures.

• Improve how trainees behave in such situations and focus their attention.

• Analyze and measure how employees react to such hazardous situations.

• Fully engage trainees with the different situations and make them active participants in the training course.

Target audience for the Pallet Handling course

• People working in a warehouse, storage site or mass retail facility.

• Anyone required to carry loads and handle packaged and unpackaged items.

Equipment required:

A Virtual Reality headset such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Windows Mixed Reality compatible (Samsung Odyssey, Dell Visor, HP Windows Mixed Reality…), connected to a VR Ready PC. With an Internet connection, you can view your reports and update your courses.

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