The stakes of the training

When no safety measures are in place, an operator working at heights can be the victim of an accident when he loses his balance and finds himself in a void. Just like interventions at height, interventions in confined spaces require certain measures to be taken to ensure the safety of the intervener and his colleagues.

The benefits of virtual reality

For most people, the risks incurred as a result of a procedural error are only understood and assimilated after having experienced them. Indeed, an individual retains 20% of what he hears but retains 90% of what he does. An accident happens very quickly and its consequences can be dramatic. From now on, thanks to VR, it is possible to confront your employees with the risks linked to the non-respect of procedures in a virtual environment. Real-time statistics are available to identify errors and shortcomings in order to resolve them, initiate change and thus work under better conditions.

Objectives of the HSE Awareness Training

The HSE Awareness training allows you to make your teams aware of the risks of accidents linked to non-compliance with procedures: during an intervention at height on the electrical network using a bucket, a maintenance operation at height using a stepladder, or consignment on a gas network in a confined space.

Several scenarios are possible:

  • Work at height on a basket
  • Work in a confined space
  • Work at height on a stepladder

For the learner:

  • Discover virtual reality and experience an accident and its consequences in an immersive way,
  • Become aware of the risks of accidents related to working at height or in confined spaces,
  • Remain attentive, follow instructions and procedures.

For the company:

  • Test the impact of virtual reality training on your employees compared to transmissive training,
  • Have your employees experience accident-prone situations that are impossible to simulate in reality,
  • Verify compliance with procedures,
  • Raise awareness and have a lasting impact on behavior through virtual reality.

Target audiences for HSE Awareness Training

All those involved in HSE issues in the company: Management, HSE Managers, Human Resources, Managers and Employees...

Equipment needed:

A Pico Neo 3 virtual reality headset connected to the internet to download the module, access the reporting and update your information

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