The stakes of the training

The absence or non-compliance with safety procedures can be critical for operators during hydraulic lockout operations. Through the respect of all the steps of consignment, from identification to safety, everything must be respected to avoid serious or fatal accidents.


Objective of the training

This training is part of the company's safety policy, in a process of prevention and reduction of accidents at work. The trainee is confronted with a realistic situation in which he/she must carry out a hydraulic consignment operation. During this operation, he must apply and implement the various procedures and steps required for this type of operation. He will also have to choose the right equipment and use it correctly.

For the learner:

  • Know the risks associated with hydraulic consignment operations.
  • Know the different equipment and how to use it
  • Apply the safety procedures during interventions in an environment leading to the consignment of hydraulic equipment.

For the company:

  • To make employees aware of the risks related to consignment operations.
  • To limit accidents


Target audience of the training 

  • All employees working on hydraulic consignment operations.


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