The benefits of the Motorway Operations training course

•    Active learning where trainees remember 90%* of what they do

•    Real-time statistics on the procedural errors made

•    Innovative management tool for debriefing and leading change

Motorway Operations course objectives

The objective of the Motorway Operations course is to help reduce accidents related to the patroller's work. This training raises the learner's awareness of the protocols and the reasons why they must be strictly applied, through accident scenarios related to these risks.

For trainees:

• Identify, assess and prevent high-risk situations while walking through an industrial site featuring a combination of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

• Move about the site by following the safety instructions and procedures.

• Experience a virtual simulation of an accident and its consequences.

For the company:

• Validate the use of the right PPE and intervention tools

• Validate the choice of the vehicle's stopping place before intervention

• Validate the intervention steps before getting out of the vehicle

• Validate the exit of the vehicle and validate the marking standard

• Validate your own security (Learner)

Target audience for the Motorway Operations course

•    Field operator / All public

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