Image of the workshop MEWP (Mobile Elevating Working Platform)

Training Objectives

In the absence of safety measures, an individual working at height can suffer an accident by falling into open space due to a loss of balance. High-altitude interventions require certain measures to ensure the safety of the worker and their colleagues.

Benefits of Virtual Reality

For most people, the risks incurred following a procedural fault are only understood and assimilated after experiencing them. Indeed, a person retains 20% of what they hear but remembers 90% of what they do*. Accidents can happen quickly and their consequences can be severe. From now on, thanks to VR, it is possible to expose your employees to the risks associated with not following procedures in a virtual environment. Real-time statistics are available to identify errors and shortcomings in order to resolve them, promote change, and thus work under better conditions.

Aerial Work Platform Training Goals

The Aerial Work Platform Training aims to sensitize your teams to the risks of accidents related to not following procedures during interventions at height using an aerial work platform.

For the learner:

• Discover virtual reality and experience an accident and its consequences immersively,

• Become aware of the risks of accidents related to working at height,

• Stay attentive, follow instructions, and procedures.


For the company:

• Test the impact on your employees of training in virtual reality compared to traditional training,

• Allow your employees to virtually experience accident-prone situations that are impossible to simulate in reality,

• Verify compliance with procedures,

• Raise awareness and influence behavior sustainably through virtual reality.


Target Audiences for Aerial Work Platform Training

• All groups involved in HSE stakes within the company: Management, HSE Managers, Human Resources, Managers, and Employees…


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Available in April 2025
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