The issue of the course

On a site with radiological risks, non-compliance with the rules can seriously endanger the lives of workers and those around them. The invisibility of radioactive waves and dust add to the difficulty of understanding and assimilating bad behavior intuitively.

Training objectives in "Circulation and coactivity - Radiological risks"

This training is part of the company's safety policy, in a process of prevention and reduction of work accidents related to exposure to radioactive elements. About twenty risks are hidden on the course. They appear randomly, depending on the duration and difficulty of the exercise. The objective of the learner is to spot and identify these risks, in order to guard against them in his professional practice. The learner should navigate the environment with minimal exposure to sources of radiation or contamination.

For the learner :

  • Identify and prevent accident-causing situations and risky behaviors related to work in a radioactive environment,
  • Know the signs, safety procedures and acquire good practices,
  • Visualize risks that are usually invisible

For the company :

  • Strengthen the risk prevention policy in the workplace,
  • Make employees aware of good health and safety practices,
  •  Recall the safety procedures in force on the site,
  • Contribute to the reduction of work accidents.

Target audience of the training "Circulation and coactivity - Radiological risks"

  • Anyone working on a radiological risk site.

Equipment required

A Pico Neo 3 Standalone headset and controllers

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