The issues of the course

On public works, co-activity between pedestrians, vehicles, and other equipments (cardboard boxes, pallets, etc ...) can be dangerous when safety rules are not respected.  A slippery floor, lack of attention or precipitation can quickly lead to falls on the same level. Wether it be the misplaced equipment or the pedestrian too much close of a gear in operation, the risks are many and severe. From a slight fall to fracture and hospitalization, the consequences can be significant (if not dramatic). But these falls can be prevented by raising awareness and training staff to identify the risks that can lead to falls on the same level.


The benefits of Virtual Reality

People learn and understand best when they interact with a ressource (learning by doing instead of learning through abstraction). Indeed, an individual retains 20% of what he heard and retains 90% of what he felt. Through our VR-based course, your employees confront risks related to the non-compliance of safety rules when working in manufacturing industry. Our 3D virtual environment provides a fairly faithful representation of reality and a sensory based learning style. Furthermore, real-time statistics on the procedural errors made are available as well as an innovative management tool for debriefing and leading change.


"Circulation and Pedestrian Co-activity – Factory" course objectives

The "Circulation and Pedestrian Co-activity – Factory" course is designed to promote your company's safety policy and aims to minimize work-related accidents. According to the French National Research and Safety Institute (INRS), "On-site travel accounts for nearly one third of all work-related accidents and causes damaged equipment and lost time". In this simulation, people can walk through a factory with manufactured products and face various risks of falling on the same level. The learner’s goal is to cross the factory and to identify the different risks, in order to guard against them in their professional practice. An accident simulation (Virtual Reality fall) reinforces emotional impact and awareness. At the end of the simulation, a statistical reporting and remediation system is displayed in order to see the number of risks detected and to remind the procedure for undetected risks.

For trainees:

  • Identify, assess and prevent high-risk situations while walking through a factory featuring a combination of pedestrian and equipments (cardboards, pallets, etc ...),
  • Walk through the site by following the safety instructions and procedures.
  • Experience a virtual simulation of an accident and its consequences.

For the company:

  • Highlight and reproduce potentially risky situations situations and thereby alert workers to such risks,
  • Analyze and measure how employees react to such hazardous situations,
  • Reinforce accident prevention about the risks of falling on the same level in the workplace,
  • Raise employee awareness of good health and safety practices at work,
  • Remind the factory safety procedures,
  • Reduce the frequency rate of work-related accidents.


Target audience for the "Circulation and Pedestrian Co-activity – Factory" course

  • Plant employees

Equipment required

A standalone VR headset. With an Internet connection, you can view your reports and update your courses.

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