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Awake your team and strike its mind with your Safety Day

Organizing safety days is a good way to make sure your team is working in complete safety.

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Boost your Safety Day

Safety day animation
1 500 ex. tax
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Choice of workshops
Your dedicated consultant
Full VR equipment
Approximately 50 visits per consultant
Free PC workshop for your day

Do you want to raise your employees' awareness throughout the year for your training sessions, safety quarter hour, safety talks... ?

Apply today for SafetyBox ® of Immersive Factory and we accompany you during your Safety Days.

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The VR Safety Day

It’s a fact : we don’t remember the information given during too theoricals training. Taking this observation as a starting point, Immersive Factory collaborated with immersive learning experts to develop a solution to move from passive to immersive learning.

Our solution is a catalog of over 30 VR serious games and workshops: hazard spotting, sensibilization, co-activity and circulation… We have a specific VR workshop for each need for your on-site safety day.

Our trendy workshops

More than 30 VR workshops dedicated to EHS sector to raise awareness and train your employees on the specific needs of each domain: Good HSE practices, fall, bad postures, handling, work at height, work in confined spaces, circulations of pedestrians/vehicles, chemicals risks...

And much more! Dive into a virtual environment as close as possible to the realities on the ground to spread your safety culture through an original and playful approach..

The immersive learning : an efficiency recognize

A realistic virtual experience that overcomes the traditional training’s possibilities. Studies claim it: people trained in VR are, on average, 275%* more confident applying what they learned than people trained with traditional methods. Trainees will therefore have better skills in risky situations, will be able to recognize risks more effectively and will have better reflexes in case of an accident.

People teached via immersive learning are:

4x faster to train

than with traditional methods

4x more focused

that their counterparts in e-learning

3,75x more connected emotionally

than the learners in classrooms

275 % more confident

applying the knowledge they have been teached

*According to the study “The Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Soft Skills Training in the Enterprise” from PWC.

Our clients’ advices are unanimous

An unlimited offer

With the VR subscription, enjoy complete and unlimited access to our catalog of more than 30 QEHS workshops in virtual reality developed especially for the needs of each domain.

Thus, your teams will be immersed in a dangerous or an accident situation so your coworkers will learn to evolve in a super realistic virtual environment. Thanks to reportings, you will be able to measure the efficiency and the operability of your team.

The safety day is targeting EHS managers in services or industry companies in France and abroad, preventionists, training organizations wishing to set up new innovative training programs.

Want to find out more?

Some advices to organize your Safety Day

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Ask yourself if you want to organize one single big event to train everyone, or if you prefer to spread this event over several days. By subscribing to a VR subscription or to a SafetyBox©, you are completely free to organize several sessions with smaller groups for the same price.

Man using a VR headset for 3D training

Autonomous VR headsets Oculus Quest 2 Vive Focus 3

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Our workshops are playable on standalone virtual reality headset or computer linked virtual reality headset. Think about acquiring your own if you don’t have any, it will remain a good investment. Otherwise, you have the possibility to choose a special presentation in which we provide you the headsets and animate your safety day (please contact us for more information about it).

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The back office provided with our services is a good way for you to analyze in real time the efficiency of the train and to identify immediately the notions to clarify.

Website backoffice: statistics and reporting

Immersive Factory expertise:

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Clients around the world
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+10 000
People trained
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Countries deploy our solutions
Picture of Olivier Pierre CEO of Immersive Factory

Olivier PIERRE

CEO - Immersive Factory

« All our formations were co-constructed by EHS experts and industrial leaders in the construction domain, in environment, energy and food-processing. We work from our clients' sites, accidentology and risks and write realistic scenarios involving the procedures to be followed. The arrival of high-performance VR headsets, such as autonomous headsets, allows us to make these immersive simulations extremely faithful to the situations encountered in the workplace. »

Immersive Factory offers you new ways to animate your training in Virtual Reality

Do you want to make your Safety Days more engaging?

Our virtual reality training modules are the perfect way to do this. Realistic, interesting and engaging, we make sure your employees want to participate in safety training with envy and curiosity.

With our modules, you will be able to train your employees on how to stay safe in a variety of different scenarios. They will learn how to react in dangerous situations, making them better equipped to deal with any potential hazards they may encounter at work. Immersive Factory raises the standard of your prevention training and allows you to better engage your company's employees. We provide high performance support for your EHS experts.

Contact us today and see for yourself the effectiveness of our VR training modules!

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