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To pursue a different approach to risk prevention in your company, during your Safety Day or Safety Week, Immersive Factory has developed an innovative turnkey VR-based animation that perfectly complements the learning path.

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Safety Day:
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Safety Day: opt for an innovative pedagogical approach in Virtual Reality

Want to innovate with an immersive Virtual Reality workshop during your Safety Day ? Immersive Factory has developed a turnkey one-day event to raise awareness of risks and safety. An innovative and fun approach to spread your safety culture among your teams, all generations considered.

With support and guidance from our experts throughout the event, your employees will each have a go at being immersed in a life-like virtual environment inspired by real hazardous situations.

The benefits of a VR-based Safety Event

Virtual reality allows you to offer your employees an immersion during which they will be fully active, which multiplies by 4 the memorization of your safety messages, in comparison with a classic transmissive training*

During the day, the learners will be sensitized, in turn, to the risks that may affect their safety (poor postures, handling, working at heights, working in confined spaces, vehicular/pedestrian circulation, chemical hazards, etc.) or that of their colleagues.

  • Active learning where trainees remember 90%* of what they do,
  • Greater risk awareness through emulation,
  • Real-time statistics on the procedural errors made,
  • Innovative management tool for debriefing and leading change.

Practical information on « Safety Day and Safety Week » events

  • Location: at your premises,
  • Duration: from a day to one week,
  • Number of participants: between 50 and 60 people per day
Our exercises are developed with expert input from EHS professionals and major industrial groups, and are designed to expose your employees to virtual incidents and accidents as a way of creating a long-lasting influence on their behavior in real life and making them realize the importance of following procedures with the aim of reducing accidents caused by human factors.

VR-based EHS/QEHS training objectives

Create a virtual simulation of accidents and incidents to expose your teams to the hazards in their line of work and minimize the risks in real life.

Generate accurate statistics into the procedural errors made during the immersive experience and compare results between your different sites for the purpose of debriefing your teams and leading change.

Involve your teams in unique immersive simulations and thereby anticipate and take long-term action on their behavior.

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