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VR training plan: health and safety at work with a man using a VR headset

VR trainings about health and safety safety at work

Upgrade your skills and become an expert in VR (Virtual Reality) and OSH (Occupational Safety & Health) thanks to our training!

Getting started with VR technology

You have chosen to mobilize emerging technologies such as virtual reality to raise your teams' awareness of occupational risks during training sessions. VR has many advantages, such as projecting a person into an immersive work environment: you will experience the accident virtually to avoid it in the real world! Get ready with this training plan.

Immerse your users in a virtual set in which they will have to move, completely generated by computer thus allowing a total immersion. Taking control of VR technology is not improvised! Good acculturation requires training in tools and regular follow-up, which are essential to lift the technical or human barriers.

A man using a VR headset to train for EHS hazards
Who are these training courses for?

To anyone wishing to improve their skills on VR technologies and on health and safety at work: internal trainers, external trainers (training organisation), EHS manager, OSH managers, training managers, safety coordinators, etc..

QEHS Training Certifications

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Our training courses
A girl using a VR headset to train for EHS hazards

How to use VR

Objective: Understanding how VR technologies work

You want to train yourself in the handling of devices to set up VR animations, then this program is for you

The program

The Resources made available

  • Introduction to the www.immersivefactory.com website as a whole
  • Presentation and management of your customer account on the website
  • The workshops: user manual and license management
  • Activity report: consult the data
  • Technical support: methods of exchanges by chat, mail, tickets

Installing Dependencies

You have chosen workshops on PC without VR headset

  • Verification of the prerequisites
  • Wifi connection

You have purchased autonomous virtual reality headsets (Focus 3, Quest 2, etc..)

  • Wifi connection
  • Connection to the Miracast (allows to see the remote screen)
  • System update

Install the launcher


  • Login
  • Installation of workshops
  • Uninstallation of workshops
  • Change the language
  • Sign out
  • Maintenance

The health protocol

  • Monitoring of the sanitary protocol imposed by the state
  • Monitoring of the sanitary protocol proposed by the equipment manufacturers


  • Duration: Half day
  • Price: 500€ ex. tax
  • Maximum of 5 people
  • Channel selection: Zoom, Teams, etc..
  • Language: English or French
Statistiques VR Antilogy
VR Health and Safety animation with men using VR headsets to train for EHS hazards

VR Health and Safety Trainer

Objective: Implementation of training / VR animations in companies

You want to learn how to conduct VR training, so discover this comprehensive three-day program: understanding the challenges of immersive training, the advantages and specificities, coaching a group and taking the necessary precautions, taking the tools in hand, understand how the headset works, know the health protocols, apply group facilitation techniques…

“Become a VR Health and Safety Trainer” program

Includes the « How to use VR » training

The basics of adult education: a day and a half

  • Communicating is understanding: communicating well to train
  • Role-playing the facilitation of an internal training course in VR
  • Evaluate the performance

Personalized follow-up of your training on the basis of 2 half-days


  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Price: 3 600€ ex. tax
  • Maximum of 5 people
  • Possible face-to-face: on your premises
  • Remotely: Zoom, Teams, etc..
Basic INRS CARSAT prevention skills

Basic INRS/CARSAT prevention skills

Objective: Acquire first-level knowledge and tools to act on occupational risks

You want to go further with your VR facilitators and trainers, and develop their skills and motivations with a practical training program based on the “INRS/CARSAT Basic Prevention Skills” reference


  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Price : 2400€ ex. tax
  • Possible face-to-face: on your premises
  • Maximum of 8 people

Participants: Anyone in charge of a job to prevent occupational hazards and anyone who needs to validate basic prevention skills

Mandatory training to be able to register for certain training courses of the “Assurance Maladie - Risques Professionnels / INRS” network.

Good to know

The human aspect: risks and prevention of accidents.

VR technology can present risks of visual fatigue, stress, and accidents and must therefore be supervised by virtual reality experts.

Immersive Factory's OHS training modules, an essential tool for professionals

VR is the ideal tool for training employees in safety. It allows employees to be fully immersed in a virtual work environment, so they can learn how to train safely.

Not only will this training plan keep your employees safe, but it will also help them become more comfortable with new technologies. They will be able to use VR for future training sessions.

We have many training courses adapted to the position of HSE preventive to allow for the proper training, in a new way, of company teams in prevention, risk management, and the implementation of new behaviors allowing for their safety at work.