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cover of the white paper called Suez Testimonial - International Roll-out of VR Training
December 14, 2021
Suez Testimonial - International Roll-out of VR Training

The challenge of the Suez Group? Reach the goal of zero serious and fatal accidents by 2030. To do this, Suez called on Immersive Factory, which has developed training modules aimed at strengthening the health & safety culture in the Group’s Business Units.

cover of the white paper called The advantages of immersive learning in a teleworking environment
April 12, 2021
The advantages of immersive learning in a teleworking environment

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted businesses significantly and remains a source of uncertainty. Employees, HSE managers and operational managers are wondering about ways to minimize the complications caused by health constraints and the development of telework. At the heart of this issue, training and communication become an essential lever for involving employees. Now animated by a double challenge, learning must not only train everyone in new gestures and working habits, but also guarantee the continuity of training while ensuring that they do not create additional risks. To achieve these goals, immersive learning can serve as an inspiration. At a time when relational interactions at a distance can run out of steam, interactive tools for online meeting animations, 3D simulation, gamification or even virtual reality, for example, are a great way to maintain social ties within a team. They represent in many ways many advantages in terms of the development of confidence (in themselves and in others), of intervention in situation intelligence, of putting into situations and in relation to error, focus on the immediate action to come.

cover of the white paper called Critical Analysis of Learning Models
February, 8 2021
Critical Analysis of Learning Models

The Edgar Dale pyramid is often associated with percentages by training organizations to promote active pedagogies. However, this model is marketing-based and has no scientific basis. It is therefore appropriate to turn to other models such as those of Agyris, Schön or Kolb (1984) highlighting the importance of doing in learning. In parallel, by studying these different models, we can identify how the game and by extension the serious game fit in total coherence with such learning models.

cover of the white paper called EGIS testimonial
December, 14 2020
EGIS testimonial

In collaboration, IMMERSIVE FACTORY designed, developed and helped EGIS to implement the VR based «Motorway Operations» training program for their patrollers. This course raises awareness among EGIS teams about risks and validates compliance with procedures by putting them in situation on how to make decisions on actions to take in case of a fast track accident. The program was so successful that in September 2019, EGIS also used virtual reality training programs for their experienced patrollers to keep their knowledge up-to-date and to renew their traffic certification. This certification and continuous training is now part of their culture.