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Immersive Factory participates in the theme day dedicated to the « Virtual & Augmented Reality » at the Upside VR Montpellier on March 12, 2020 from 09h to 16h.

During this event, you will discover all the benefits of virtual, mixed and augmented reality technologies for your company. Contrary to commonly accepted ideas, these technological solutions are not limited to entertainment experiences in video games. Their applications are numerous and we are only at the beginning : accident simulation training, simulated real-life work situations, pre-tests, etc .. How are they used today ? What opportunities do they provide ? What are their stakes ? How can your company embrace them into its training, prevention or digital transformation strategy ? Come at Upside VR Montpellier to find answers to those questions.

On the program : a state of the art of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality), presentations and demonstrations of their innovative applications, tests of simulators and VR game stations as well as lunch and networking. The Immersive Factory team will be pleased to meet you for a round-table debate dedicated to « the Industry of the Future ». We will discuss the effectiveness of virtual and augmented reality in new industrialization technologies.

We'll be waiting for you to discuss this topic and to discover our virtual reality courses dedicated to the world of work. Book your tickets right here online.


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IMMERSIVE FACTORY is excited to be part of two different events in September 2020 to keep up with industry news, to connect with other key players and exchange valuable information. Moreover, IMMERSIVE FACTORY will be present to introduce their new platform!   EVENT 1: eLearning EXPO IMMERSIVE FACTORY is excited to join the 20th edition of the E-learning EXPO in Paris, France on Sept. 22, 23 & 24 2020 at booth #C35 . It is a three day training and digital learning fair filled with interesting exhibitions, conferences and workshops.  Digital learning, mobile learning, serious games, gamification, virtual and augmented reality, immersive learning. Nowadays, there is an increasingly diverse range of training offers and solutions. However, the challenge remains the same: to place people (the employee) at the heart of the company and organizations, and allowing them - by learning - to flourish and to contribute even more effectively to the overall performance.  This event is therefore a great opportunity for IMMERSIVE FACTORY to expand our knowledge and grow as a company. Join and meet us at booth #C35 !   EVENT 2: Future of HR IMMERSIVE FACTORY is pleased to participate in Future of HR , an online networking event on the digital transformation of the HR function from September 15 to October 9 2020 . On September 29th, there will be talks and debates on HR function stakes. While IMMERSIVE FACTORY is used to trade shows on security, prevention and technologies, participating in a trade show on human resources is a new challenge. We are looking forward to meeting and discussing our innovative solutions with HR managers. IMMERSIVE FACTORY believes that immersive learning is a considerable asset for the HR function in order to value and evaluate the potential of a candidate or an employee; it is also an opportunity to highlight necessary improvements and thus improve overall performance.  

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