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It’s with joy and enthusiasm that we would like to share with you an article about Immersive Factory in the Milanese daily newspaper Corriere della Sera. Although its title mentions “della sera”, this Italian periodical has been published every morning for over a century. Founded in 1876, this newspaper managed to endure through the decades and political vicissitudes. Corriere della Sera is one of Italy's oldest newspapers and is Italy's most read newspaper. It covers a variety of topics such as the Italian political and cultural life as well as economics, education, sport, travel and even science at the international level. On its website, you will find articles dealing with industry and the latest technological innovations and advances or the Italian government decisions.

The newspaper article dedicated to Immersive Factory mentioned its expertise in the design and production of HSE / QHSE training courses in virtual reality, as well as all the prestigious companies that trust its experience. At the same time, this article sets out all the contributions that VR technology can offer to the world of work; and more particularly, when it’s used as a medium for immersive learning (active pedagogy):

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” - Benjamin Franklin.

You can access the newspaper's website by clicking on this link.


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