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Immersive Factory has launched an innovative platform dedicated to training, animations and events organisation in the HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) field. Entirely digitized, this platform and its contents aim at democratizing the access to training exercises by making them available online to all users of PC, mobile phone, virtual reality headset, Windows tablet, and soon available Mac version. One of the strong points of the platform is its adaptability to smaller companies to facilitate access to EHS training for a great number of people, simply by means of a monthly subscription. 

Several options are available:

  • Free access: eSafety Day 
  • The virtual campus: eSafety Campus
  • The fully customizable campus: eSafety University

The devices are: VR Focus, Focus +, VR PC helmets. 

Virtualising your security days to improve performance 

Immersive Factory offers tools for evaluation, follow-up and motivation of the participants to ensure the success of the training and awareness operations, and to encourage the teams to improve their behaviour on site. The platform offers a time saving to the learner who connects from wherever he or she wishes, with any type of support, and regularly self-assesses himself or herself throughout the subscription period to improve his or her skills. Evaluation and monitoring by the EHS manager or trainer enables the course to be readjusted and points for improvement to be identified. Fully controlled by the trainer, the immersive experience can be personalised with, among other things, the integration of its own training modules (as part of a safety day or an event) and the adaptation of reports to measure the return on investment.

To discover it for free, create your account now > www.immersivefactory.com

Safety is everyone's business

With over 5 years of expertise in the field of health, safety and the environment, the exercises proposed are now adapted to more varied activities (challenges, quizzes, simulations, etc.) to make the training accessible to the greatest number of people and thus contribute to reducing accidents. New training modules are currently being produced to add to the 50 modules already available.

The flagship products are: hunting down risks in warehouses; health, safety and environmental awareness; working at heights; driving behaviour; and domestic risks, which each of us can test to improve our everyday actions! 

The training and animation experience offered by this new platform is stimulating thanks to the many additions linked to its 3D simulation technology. The universe in which users evolve has been designed to make the experience playful and educational, so we use Ludo Pedagogy to encourage the participation and commitment of participants. 

Find out what Ludo Pedagogy is here https://immersivefactory.com/actualite/121-Ludo-Pedagogy-Why-use-it-en

By creating your virtual campus on the Immersive factory platform, you simplify the provision of training contents and can create as many events as you want! 

Live a positive and unique work experience 

All users have an avatar that is free to create and who will accompany them in the immersive universe. Being a collaborative immersive world, avatar-users can communicate and interact with each other through chats or by talking directly in rooms or welcoming places such as the living room, patio, garden etc. Meeting rooms are available for direct communication between collaborators.

The platform has other features that act on the collaboration and participation of users, such as a conference room for presentations to a large number of collaborators, a cinema room, quizzes and challenges, etc.

Let's try it together!  

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