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Sharing the use of a headset with your colleagues or your family is not without risks, we know that you already take great care to clean your headset between each passage, but it is always good to remember a few simple and effective notions.

Facebook ( Oculus ) has issued an official press release explaining how to clean your Oculus headset. However, the advice also applies to HTC or Valve headsets.

  • Advice on Headset Sharing

Facebook tells us that it is not recommended to share a Headset with a person with viral symptoms, this does not only apply to COVID-19. In addition, Facebook invites all Oculus headset owners to read the health and safety notice. 

  • Cleaning instructions

Headset and controllers
Wash your hands before using headset. Use nitrile gloves for cleaning and discard them after each use. Between cleanings, wash your hands thoroughly or use a sanitizing gel.

Clean equipment between uses with non-abrasive, antibacterial wipes.

For devices that do not have wipeable face interfaces, use protective masks while following the same cleaning guidelines as above between uses.

Headset Lenses
Use a dry microfiber optical lens cloth to clean the lenses on your headset. Do not use liquid, alcohol-based or chemical cleaners.

Note: Alcohol-based cloths should not be used on the lenses as they may damage them. Alcohol-based wipes should only be used on other headset components. Use them with care.


Source : business.oculus.com

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