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Immersive Factory is the only French company chosen by HTC to join its startup accelerator program: VIVE X HTC Vive, a Vive X program, has invested in 18 new businesses around the world and AR / VR solutions for businesses.

The Vive X AR/VR Accelerator Programme has managed to curate a diverse portfolio of hardware and software companies over the last couple of years, focusing on a range of different verticals. This fourth round has an increased emphasis on enterprise VR technology, with those selected building enterprise solutions such as training simulators, location-based entertainment models, and data visualization tools.

“As we head into our fourth batch of Vive X companies, we’re looking toward mass-market drivers in the consumer space, but also placing a large emphasis on how companies integrate VR into their work,” said Marc Metis, Vice President, HTC Vive in a statement.
“We have selected companies in this batch that will help deliver on that promise and elevate the enterprise experience by developing toolsets that train employees, increase workplace safety, and improve collaboration and customer acquisition.”

Immersive Factory, with its platform dedicated to EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) training in virtual reality, will be able to rely on HTC's offices in San Francisco, Seattle, London, Taipei, Shenzhen, Beijing and Tel Aviv. to accompany its customers and partners in these different territories.

If you’re interested in more information, please go to: https://vivex.vive.com

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