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Immersive Factory will be present from April 11th to 13th at the 6th edition of Preventica Maroc, the major event for occupational health and safety in the company in Morocco and Africa. Organized at the International Fair of Casablanca, the show will highlight innovations and experts in health and quality of life at work during 3 days.

The Immersive Factory team, an innovative start-up in EHS training, will welcome visitors to its stand to have them test some fifteen virtual reality exercises dedicated to risk prevention: work permits, hunting anomalies, on-site traffic, working at height, gestures and postures, electrical lockout...

Feel free to contact us for:

Receive your free access badge to the show: Contact our sales department on +33 1 77 45 25 50 or by email at eolea@immersivefactory.com or make an appointment for a test of our virtual reality training courses during the show


Office of Fairs and Exhibitions 
Boukraa Street, Sidi Belyout 20000, 
Casablanca OFEC, Morocco

11, 12, 13 April 2019

Thursday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 6 pm

Immersive Factory Stand: C05

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