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Team Immersive Factory was present at SHExpo from June 21 to 23 at Excel London in UK. Safety & Health Expo is the UK's leading global health and safety event providing visitors with the latest health and safety products and services.

A few figures on SHExpo:

- 3 days to get informed, train, meet numerous experts and benefit from business opportunities in a single place.

- 13,800 visitors from all business sectors: construction, industry, health, mass distribution, service sector, administration, local authorities, etc.

- 300 exhibitors from France and Europe offering stands focused on Health and Safety at work and provide visitors more than 9000m² of exhibitions and demonstrations.

 - A brand new PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) attack zone where you can discover and test the effectiveness of many pieces of equipment in real situations.

Immersive Factory has been able to offer you:

- The opportunity to meet our team dedicated to the comfort of your user experience and the opportunity to create new partnerships in France and abroad.

- The opportunity to test the brand-new HTC Vive Focus Plus: a standalone headset comprised by immersive controllers with 6 degrees of freedom for increased comfort and graphics quality. This display allowed more than 150 visitors to test our main training course recently optimized for this equipment: EHS Awareness.

- The opportunity to discover our latest offer allowing access to our full catalog for 1000 euros per month.

Many thanks to the SHExpo's team for their warm welcoming. 
Following this event, we have already planned several releases and updates that will soon be available on our platform.


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