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Analysis of the petrochemicals sector

Petrochemistry is a key sector of modern industry and refers to the transformation of a fossil material: oil. This sector is weakly feminized and relies heavily on subcontracting.



  • In the 12-year period from 2003 to 2015, there were nearly 480 deaths attributed to transportation. (source)
  • Contact injuries account for nearly 26% of fatalities (2003-2015). (source)


  • Europe is the second largest chemicals producer in the world & second largest R&I investor in the world after China (2020). (source)


  • One natural gas and oil explosion (2019) resulted in the loss of 1.4 million dollars worth of natural gas and oil (source)
  • This industry has a fatality rate of around 25 deaths per 100,000 workers (2020) (source)


  • In Texas alone, oil and gas firms have seen an increase of 2,400 people in their employment roles in just one year’s time (2020) (source)


  • A major cause of sick leave is illnesses specific to chemical products such as benzene or hydrocarbon derivatives.
  • 74% of employees receive at least one training course during the year (2019) (source)


  • France had 8 oil refineries at the end of 2019, including 7 located in metropolitan France and one in Martinique (source)
Sector challenges

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Technological integration across the value chain is expected to be a major factor influencing market competition. The adoption of technologies such as drones, Internet of Things (IOT), robotics, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing is expected to transform petrochemical manufacturing. It will help in improving safety monitoring and improve reliability and efficiency across the supply chain.

How Immersive Factory’s solution helps overcome this challenge:

Immersive digital & VR collaborative campus with a catalog of VR exercises allowing a better memorization of good practices for the learner thanks to a playful approach.
An immersive virtual campus

VR training workshops increase learner memory by 4

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High accident rate

The sector is vast and conducive to a multitude of accidents for employees, whether due to the dangerous nature of the products or the difficult working conditions.

How Immersive Factory’s solution helps overcome this challenge:

The Immersive Factory digital immersive & VR platform allows you to organize a multitude of EHS events to maintain the safety culture of your company. Access to our catalog of more than 30 immersive learning exercises allows learners to be immersed in a variety of environments, making learning faster and more effective than traditional training to effectively reduce the number of accidents.

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Plurality of sites and risks

Difficulty of training all staff and mobile teams and difficulty of proposing engaging training providing KPIs feedback on one single tool due to the multitude / diversity of stakeholders in the supply chain (refinery, transport, distribution, etc.).

How Immersive Factory’s solution helps overcome this challenge:

Customizable tool allowing the coherence of the actions of each site on a single tool, and multi-device allowing each learner to train safely, wherever he is. Intuitive back office and real-time access to key performance indicators (KPIs) allows constant monitoring of team efforts and achievements.
Website backoffice: reporting and statistics

Keep your employees safe with Immersive Factory

Immersive Factory is a virtual reality training platform for companies in the petrochemical industry that combines safety and compliance with the many requirements and procedures necessary to handle chemicals.

Our modules allow you to improve the training of workers on all their various responsibilities. Our virtual reality tool enhances the pedagogical aspect of training and is entirely customized for your industry by a team of specialists and technicians trained in the petrochemical sector. Our training sessions include safety days and safety shifts, but also include modules that teach your personnel how to handle hazardous products, waste and the various tools at their disposal.

We offer customized training in the handling of hazardous petrochemicals through various modules, tools, courses and practices adapted to help your teams improve the quality of their work and enhance worker safety.

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