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Pharmaceutical sector

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Analysis of the pharmaceutical sector

The pharmaceutical sector develops, produces and distributes medicines. It is directly linked to the physical and mental health of human beings and plays a key role in the life of every individual.



  • In 2019, 10 people died in China after a fire at a pharmaceutical plant. (source)
  • Most of the reported fatalities occurred in 2018 and 2019 with 83% of fatalities occurred in China and India. (source)


  • The value of the worldwide pharmaceutical industry will reach $1.5 trillion by 2023. (source)


  • 1.6 people per 100 full-time workers have suffered from nonfatal injuries and illnesses (source)
  • The most disastrous accident occured in 2003 with the West Pharmaceutical Services explosion (North Carolina). A total of six people were killed. (source)


  • The U.S. pharma industry is the largest in the world in drug development and production, revenue generation as 5 out of the top 10 companies (based on revenue) are headquartered in the U.S. (source)


  • The chemical-pharmaceutical sector recorded 170 accidents in France in 2018 (source)
  • In France, from manufacturing to marketing, the pharmaceutical sector recorded 187,990 days of temporary disability due to work-related accidents (2017).


  • Almost 100’000 employees directly employed by drug companies in France in 2018. (source)
Sector challenges

Training of pharmaceutical workers is essential for their safety against accidents, as well as for public health to ensure compliance.

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Adapting to pandemics

The Covid-19 crisis has significantly highlighted the importance of the pharmaceutical sector, both in the production chain and in supply and R&D. An efficient and rapid response is essential in the sector.

How Immersive Factory’s solution helps overcome this challenge:

A turnkey platform that saves time on aspects of organising safety days, 15-minute safety meetings, training, etc. and saves time in situations where efficiency is crucial.
Immersive Factory Virtual Campus

Website backoffice: reporting and statistics

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Respecting and securing standards

Internal (employee) and external (consumer) safety is a decisive human issue. Important and necessary hygiene standards: sterilisation of processes, wearing of specific clothing, strict manufacturing processes, limitation to restricted areas.

How Immersive Factory’s solution helps overcome this challenge:

Customisable tool allowing coherence of actions for a collective and individual understanding of the standards to be respected. Intuitive back office and real-time access to key performance indicators (KPIs) allows constant monitoring of team efforts and achievements.

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Protecting yourself against accidents

An environment and operations involving dangerous risks for its employees: handling of chemical or biological products and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), processing of solids (grinding, mixing, granulation, drying). All these risks can lead to intoxications (skin, respiratory, etc.), physical injuries (burns, contusions, etc.), explosions (due to handling, storage or transport). Accidents are sometimes chronic and irreversible for employees.

How Immersive Factory’s solution helps overcome this challenge:

Catalogue of more than 30 immersive learning exercises that allow faster and more effective learning than traditional training to effectively reduce the number of accidents.
VR training workshops increase learner memory by 4

Immersive Factory virtual campus is available on PC and Mac

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More emphasis on technology

New technologies are particularly useful to the sector, especially the automation of production which would reduce human risks.

How Immersive Factory’s solution helps overcome this challenge:

3D & VR immersive digital platform. The multi-device aspect allows each learner to train wherever they are.

Adopt the right gestures with Immersive Factory?

Immersive Factory offers to companies in the pharmaceutical industry, a system of customized training to learn the safety gestures, but also the learning of the respect of the various standards and processes necessary for the manufacture of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

In addition to simplifying the implementation of safety training, safety days and safety shifts, and increasing their effectiveness, our modules allow you to improve the training of employees on all their various missions. Our virtual reality tool increases the pedagogical aspect of the trainings, and is perfectly adapted to your industry thanks to a team of experts and technicians trained in the pharmaceutical production sector.

At the heart of our business, production training with a focus on the quality of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products thanks to various modules, tools and courses adapted and practical to give your teams the means to improve the quality of their work and also to ensure their safety.

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