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Access EHS videos
Access a selection of EHS workshops
Participate in our EHS Quizzes
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Participate in conferences
eSafety Campus
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Upload your video contents
Access EHS quizzes and create yours
Access EHS challenges and create yours
Select your workshops from our large catalog
Organize your own conferences
Organize your own trainings
Organize private meetings
Get a link to invite participants
Customize with your logo and colors
Monitor participation and results
eSafety University
Presential and/or online workshops
Bespoke environment
Bespoke content
Customized features
Customized reporting
Optional advanced features:
Rights and access management
LMS Integration
Connection eLearning
Hosting on your own servers
For onsite teams
eSafety Workshops
Offline access to all the workshops
Anonymous time stamped reports
Unlimited daily runs on a workstation
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Regular maintenance and updates

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Customised content, integration of existing content, LMS connection, hosting on dedicated servers, …

Pricing FAQs
Have a different question about how our campus work or the pricing plans available? Get in touch with one of our specialists.
How long is the free access?

Free access is permanent. However, you will have fewer features than with a paid subscription.

The On-Site plan allows you to access the complete training catalog and enjoy more than 50 workshops on one device (PC, VR and standalone device) and with one login for several users. The remote plans, on the other hand, allow you to organize training and immersive events on our collaborative & turnkey EHS platform. The price of the subscription is calculated on the basis of a number of places defined on the campus and a number of potential participants to which is added an annual registration fee per participant.

Yes, we recommend combining on-site training with distance training in VR, 3D simulation on the e Safety Campus in order to improve the efficiency of training programs.

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