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Research and Development

Immersive Factory: R&D departments
Within Immersive Factory, we identify two Research and Development (R&D) poles which work in a complementary manner:

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R&D - Technologies and Virtual Reality

Directed by Olivier Chabiron, this first pole aims to ensure monitoring and applied research in fields relating to technical devices in connection with Virtual Reality and related technologies. The search for solutions allowing a better user experience, easier multi-platform deployment, or even optimizing production costs are at the heart of the issues studied by the Technology and Virtual Reality R&D department.

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R&D - Gamification and Ludopedagogy

Directed by Julian Alvarez, this second pole aims to ensure monitoring and applied research in areas relating to uses and mediations around gamified technical devices such as simulators and serious games involving in particular methods such as Virtual Reality or virtual environments. At the same time, the objective of this department is to design and evaluate playful educational approaches within the framework of training courses, mainly in the field of HSE.

Our latest R&D projects
November 8, 2023
Virtual Reality in Customer Relationship Management

The RVRC 4.0 project kicked off in June 2023. For this Research & Development project, a consortium, of which we are a part, was established to develop a virtual reality application dedicated to customer relations.It was cr...

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July 17, 2023
The Influence of Virtual Reality on Learning

As part of our most recent Research and Development project on driving simulations, we've studied the learning differences between using a screen and Virtual Reality (VR). This project was carried out in collaboration with MAIF...

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November 15, 2019
2019/20/21, Supported by the European Regional Development Fund, in partnership with the IMT Mines Albi laboratory and ReportOne

EGCERSIS, the Joint Research Laboratory between IMT Mines Albi, Report One and Immersive Factory, co-funded by La Région Occitanie, presented its first results on 15 November 2019 at the inauguration of the Associated International Laboratory entitled "Sentient Immersive Response Networks Lab (SIReN Lab) by IMT Mines Albi and Georgia Tech This R&D project aims at developing a virtual reality training platform for crisis management, allowing different participants (firemen, emergency doctors, police officers, etc.) to train together on 3D modeled sites. This platform is designed to improve training programs for interventions in sensitive industrial environments.

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