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logo VR
3 630 ex. tax
image catalog subscription
You are a company or a group equipped with a VR headset or a PC, you use all year access to the workshops for your trainings, animations, ..., you put your employees in situation
Offline access to workshops
Unlimited passes on one workstation for 1 year
Anonymous time-stamped reports
For Focus 3, Pico Neo 3 & 4, Quest 2 or PC
Support, maintenance and regular updates
logo VR©
3 990 ex. tax*
image SafetyBoxVR
You are a company or a group, we provide you with a VR headset ready-to-use for 1 year. You use access all year up to 5 workshops of your choice for your training, events, etc.
A VR headset for 1 year, delivered to your home
5 preinstalled workshops of your choice
Unlimited passes for all your employees
User manuals, personalized support
Help with remote control and MDM solution installed
99 ex. tax
image campus access trainer subscription
You are an independent trainer or a training organization and you want to complete your training with practical workshops and scenarios with group courses or individual workshops
Online access to workshops
Access for 10 passages per day
Anonymous time-stamped reports
For Focus 3, Pico Neo 3 & 4, Quest 2 or PC
Online campus for trainers
2 800 ex. tax
image campus subscription
Remote Event
You are a school, a college, a campus and you also want to train remotely using the latest metaverse technology
All our PC workshops and their manuals
Online for 10 places and 100 learners
One session per workshop per day
Anonymous time-stamped reports
PC windows & Mac viewer (campus)
(*) Price for the European Union and the Shengen area. For other countries, please contact us. Usable for 12 months. At the end of the 2nd year in the event of renewal, the helmet is offered if you subscribe to the catalog at the price of 3,630 euros excluding tax per year. In the event of non-renewal, a return slip for the equipment will be sent to you.

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