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Saint Gobain
February 2021

Glass handling in the working environment can present serious risks at any time when safety measures are not followed. To raise awareness of potential accidents, we asked Immersive Factory to reproduce the glazing storage site in virtual reality. Through the use of a VR headset, our team is able to preventively analyse dangerous situations and risky behaviour. This type of training benefits both our new and older employees, as it makes it possible to continuously educate them through short, repetitive sessions allowing us to maintain a high level of skills. The deployment of this technology is also much quicker to implement compared to a traditional training course, which is great!

- Pascal Fauchille, Saint-Gobain Flat Glass H&S Technical Support Director
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January 2021

Givaudan called upon Immersive Factory in response to the COVID context to continue to develop their safety culture while innovating. The traditional methods were undermined by the pandemic, and the general and sustainable transmission of good EHS practices was difficult. The Campus offer allowed them to combine a digital aspect to their learning practices. This established a regularity in the training, allowing the development of their safety culture in an innovative and fun way:

“Game and competition are sources of motivation and pride. You can have strong ambitions but you also need intermediate goals to appreciate your personal accomplishments (especially since COVID). I think Immersive Factory offers the perfect solution: within a few minutes of playing, one can go on a hazard hunt and have an immediate sense of accomplishment with each identified dangerous situation.”

- Marine Escaillas, EHS Regional Director at Givaudan
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Pricing FAQs
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How long is the free access?

Free access is permanent. However, you will have fewer features than with a paid subscription.

The On-Site plan allows you to access the complete training catalog and enjoy more than 50 workshops on one device (PC, VR and standalone device) and with one login for several users. The remote plans, on the other hand, allow you to organize training and immersive events on our collaborative & turnkey EHS platform. The price of the subscription is calculated on the basis of a number of places defined on the campus and a number of potential participants to which is added an annual registration fee per participant.

Yes, we recommend combining on-site training with remote training to develop your safety culture in 360°:

  • Develop and cultivate a spirit of vigilance through regular participation in collaborative remote events or training, and
  • Raise awareness and train all your employees more quickly and effectively thanks to the use of virtual reality during on-site safety training or safety days.

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