A virtual campus for remote teams

Immersive Factory works to raise your teams’ awareness around professional risk issues on a 100% immersive virtual campus.

Virtual events

To pursue a different approach to risk prevention in your company, during your Safety Day or Safety Week, Immersive Factory has developed an innovative turnkey platform for training and immersive events. Permanent and fully accessible regardless of the medium (PC, with or without a VR headset, tablet, etc.) our solutions complement the learning path perfectly without requiring physical proximity of any kind.

Opt for 3D immersive training

Want to innovate with an immersive virtual campus to host workshops during your Safety Day? Immersive Factory has developed an original approach in the form of a remote, turnkey, tool to organize a campus or permanent event and raise awareness of everyday risks and safety.

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Innovative system

Fun solution to spread your safety culture among your teams, all generations considered.

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Virtual Campus

Organize and host your EHS events remotely without having numerous people operate in close quarters.

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Support & expertise

Your employees will benefit from the support and advice of our experts throughout the events.

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Total immersion

Dive into a lifelike virtual environment inspired by actual hazardous situations.

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Rich & diverse content

Numerous workshops allowing your staff to fully understand the reach of their everyday actions as well as their consequences.

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Active training, serious game or escape games, our catalog of activities is available in VR or 3D simulation on PC.

Visit our website to find out more about our offer and how it can be adapted to the needs of your company:

The benefits of an E-Safety Campus

Immersive Learning applied to EHS

Virtual reality allows you to offer your employees an immersion during which they will be fully active, which multiplies by 4 the memorization of your safety messages, in comparison with a classic transmissive training*.

Scenarios with incredible realism

Fully engaged with a lifelike scenario, they find themselves having to act in the heat of the moment and must rely on their concentration to face a series of events successfully.

Sustainable & dynamic awareness

During the Safety Day, the learners will be sensitized, in turn, to the risks that may affect their safety (poor posture, handling, working at heights, working in confined spaces, vehicular/pedestrian circulation, chemical hazards, etc.) or that of their colleagues. Thus, whatever their work environment, they will know once and for all how to adapt their actions to a wide range of situations.

Test online for free:

Active learning where trainees remember 90%* of what they do

Commitment and active pedagogy

Experiential learning

Active learning is characterized by experiential methods that encourage participants to get personally involved in their own training. Thanks to this approach that strongly relies on engagement, training takes on a practical dimension that no lecture course could ever offer.

An unlimited fun adventure

By granting your employees access (in the form of a monthly subscription) to a dedicated platform where you can organize permanent events dedicated to safety, you can give them an authentic experience they can go back to time and again.

Interactive & Immersive Learning

Instead of passively receiving information, they get to interact with a confounding environment whose vividness can act as a true « wake-up call ». All without any physical proximity or even dedicated premises.

Greater risk awareness through emulation
Theoretical and abstract EHS training

When they are theoretical, risks can be difficult to grasp and their severity underestimated. Because our minds are used to studying figures, receiving instructions, or hearing about concerning events on a very regular basis, they are desensitized to them. The information we listen to or read about readily becomes abstract and loses much of its impact. On the other hand, finding oneself in a dangerous situation or witnessing an accident turns out to be more impressive.

Realistic and interactive EHS training

This notion of presence is precisely what a virtual campus proposes to leverage. By having your employees move through a virtual world similar to the real one in every way, it is possible to show them very graphically the direct and immediate consequences of their actions. They can see for themselves the importance of applying safety recommendations to the letter.

Real-time statistics on the
procedural errors made
What makes the IMMERSIVE FACTORY platform such a compelling tool is the instant feedback it provides. This is why it is so naturally relevant to Safety Day and to the selection of activities these events should offer. Awareness videos, for instance, can prove quite useful to share important figures. However, for a team member to be able to assess their own mastery of theoretical models, they need to apply them to a real-life situation.
Immersion shows them the immediate consequences of their actions, thus allowing them to:
Self-correct instantaneously and to adopt the right attitude from there on out
Ensure their own safety and that of the people and goods around them in the long run.
Innovative management tool for debriefing and leading change
The « live » results achieved during the exercise can, of course, be revisited later on. A Safety Day provides an opportunity to use such features to clarify various aspects of the exercise for the benefit of other team members. While the « hands-on » quality of the experience covers safety from a practical perspective, the statistics that derive from it are an invitation to step back. This allows for a more in-depth interpretation of the events and helps to understand why certain mistakes are made and how to avoid them.

Practical information on
« Safety Day and Safety Week » events
Organizing a Safety Day based on VR workshops places security at the heart of your company culture and offers an enriching and fun experience for your employees. From a practical perspective, virtual reality also boasts undeniable benefits as it is compatible with all manners of needs.

Location: At Home, at the Office or Elsewhere

Virtual reality allows users to experience a situation as if they were there albeit with no dedicated infrastructure or geographical constraints. Not everyone can host a full-scale workshop at their own premises. However, suitable VR equipment creates the illusion of in-the-field interactions and can be achieved with very little available space, or entirely remotely. For instance, we can put a platform at your disposal. Through this virtual space, your teams can undergo ultra-realistic events and collaborate without the slightest physical contact. Even the health crisis we are now facing will not stop you from organizing a successful Safety Day. Without worrying about the venue, you can still plan interesting and educational activities for a large number of participants.

Duration: One-off or Permanent

Depending on your own organizational constraints, the concept is entirely revisited: thanks to a free access, e-safety campus, time is no longer an issue. Your associates connect to the platform whenever they like or via an email invite. This modus operandi can prove convenient if you do not wish to see the event impact the creativity of your entire team over the course of a full day.

A great diversity of workshops and topics allows you to organize training sessions or specific events based on your actual needs, targeting individuals or teams.

Number of participants: Unlimited

Coordinating a Safety Day for the whole company in the form of a virtual campus is a great way to focus everyone’s attention on this fundamental issue and to address prevention from a different perspective. For example, you could form several teams and have many employees move through the same virtual space at the same time, duplicating dangerous situations even more convincingly.

If you opt for individual workshops, we will help you optimize the quantity to ensure you take full advantage of our dedicated platform. We also adjust the nature of the scenarios to create enough diversity between workshops.

Our exercises are developed with expert input from EHS professionals and major industrial groups, and are designed to expose your employees to virtual incidents and accidents as a means of creating a long-lasting influence on their behavior in real life and making them realize the importance of following procedures with the aim of reducing accidents caused by human factors.

Immersive VR or 3D-based EHS/QEHS training objectives

Create a virtual simulation of accidents and incidents to expose your teams to the hazards in their line of work and minimize the risks in real life.

Generate accurate statistics into the procedural errors made during the immersive experience and compare results between your different sites to debrief your teams and lead change.

Involve your teams in unique immersive simulations and thereby anticipate and take long-term action on their behavior.

Organize your Safety Days

Our mission is to support businesses in their efforts to build a work environment that fosters welfare for all. Our instructional approach is characterized by a federative, vigorous, long-lasting awareness. We strive to give accident control and occupational risk prevention the place they deserve among the various concerns businesses must face and to provide them with the right key to address them.

A turnkey virtual platform

We want to make Environment, Health and Safety everyone’s business every day. Our multi-user platforms and the contents of our digital EHS training sessions are designed to match your exact needs. We raise awareness, introduce, and teach using virtuality to anchor the learning process in reality and offer your employees a valuable experience tailored to their own imperatives. This is why our workshops are made to be remembered. If the knowledge is mastered more quickly, learners have more time to dedicate to developing their skills and to continue making progress.

Example of the organization of a Safety Day about risks
within warehouses in our virtual campus

The event manager, via his back office, will be able to:

Select workshops related to the topic (Hazard Spotting in a warehouse, Driving Behaviour - Forklift, On-site circulation - Forklift truck - Pedestrian view, Sensitization - Hygiene Office, Eco-Friendly Actions, Quizz). They will be accessible to all employees.

Upload videos in the Movie Theather room that can be viewed by all employees (video about safety culture, video about the President of the company, video about accidents with forklifts).

Prepare presentations on, in particular, the comparative evolution of the accident frequency rate at each site. It will be used during plenary sessions by country in the conference room or it will be relayed by prevention officers to small groups in the virtual training rooms.

Regularly visualize the comparative results of each site to identify good and bad performers in order to implement specific actions if necessary.

Share individual results
with the site managers and the group HRD.