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Logistics Sector

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Analysis of the logistics sector

Logistics services refer to the overall process of managing how resources are acquired, stored, and transported to their final destination.



  • The top five most common warehouse accidents involve: docks, forklifts, conveyors, materials storage, and manual lifting and handling (source)
  • A worker died every 99 minutes from a work-related injury in 2019 (source)


  • The global logistics market was $9.6 trillion in 2018 and is estimated to be more than $12 trillion in 2023. (source)


  • Forklift accidents led to 85 fatalities and nearly 35,000 serious injuries in 2018 (source)
  • Slip and fall accidents make up 15 percent of all accidental deaths in the warehouse environment (source)


  • United States Business Logistics Costs reached $1.6 trillion in 2018. (source)


  • Work-related accidents in transport and logistics reach 3,500 each year (source)
  • Most often (29%), work-related injuries occur as a result of: an injury while lifting, lowering, or putting down a load (source)


  • With the largest road network in Europe, five major port facilities and one of Europe’s best rail networks, France leads Europe with the highest number of industrial and logistics projects (generating around €200 billion in annual revenues). (source)
Sector challenges

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Challenge n°1 :

Digital innovations have been introduced at a slower pace in this sector. Now that it is undergoing digital transformation continuously, it demands new digital business models to retain market positions.

How Immersive Factory’s solution helps overcome this challenge:

Thanks to its completely virtual and cloud-based EHS platform, Immersive Factory offers immersive training to on-site and/or remote teams, providing online workshops and tools to organize training and events. This makes safety easily accessible from anywhere.
Immersive Factory Virtual Campus

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Challenge n°2 :

The overwhelming amount of accidents in this sector is often a KPI for logistics firms, especially since reducing them has a beneficial impact on insurance premiums. The challenge however is how to minimise the number of accidents that happen.

How Immersive Factory’s solution helps overcome this challenge:

Over 30 immersive workshops that can be done repeatedly to allow faster and more efficient training to accelerate skills development. Thanks to the VR aspect of the exercises, the impressions of potential dangers are so realistic that the consequences are engraved in the learner’s mind which will aid in reducing the number of work accidents.

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Challenge n°3 :

Communication in logistics management during the Covid-19 Crisis has been difficult. This includes the issues of disrupted supply chains, difficulty sourcing raw materials, higher border security and lack of available transport.

How Immersive Factory’s solution helps overcome this challenge:

The solution to this challenge could be 15-minute safety meetings with the goal to convey an essential message and to involve associates in a participative approach. Associates are keen to participate in engrossing activities and gladly take part in an experience when it is presented as a game! This is exactly what immersive learning, such as Immersive Factory offers it, allows organizers to do. Thanks to a fully digital collaborative platform, associates find themselves inside a customized hub where they can discuss the theme selected for the 15-minute safety meeting. They can also access immersive modules as a team or participate in workshops available to them on a variety of media platforms. VR (using an HTC or Vive FOCUS-type headset, for instance), PC, mobile devices (tablet or smartphone), Mac… Whatever the category of equipment they have at their disposal, they will be able to enjoy the activities.
An immersive 3d virtual campus

The advantage of choosing us for your online training in the logistics sector?

Immersive Factory provides professionals in the logistics sector with virtual reality modules to train them in the handling of rolling stock and safe gestures to avoid accidents on the road when transporting goods and raw materials and on building sites.

We offer training to companies so that they can ensure the safety of their workers when using machines or transporting goods and people by car or truck, allowing a regular awareness of the dangers and a significant decrease in incidents.

The use of an e-learning system, such as Immersive Learning's VR e-learning platform, is key to raising risk awareness.

Our training courses promote prevention in the logistics sector by providing effective and accessible training that directly engages your staff in good practices and gives them full knowledge of risks and hazards.

The Immersive Factory training approach allows you to preserve the health of your personnel, to respect the regulations in force while improving the training of your team in terms of reactivity and attention to the risks.

Want to know more about the benefits of immersive learning for the logistics sector?

Discover them through the testimonial from FM Logistic which has co-developed with Immersive Factory a VR training module to raise awareness among their teams about the logistic occupational risks:

FM Logistic testimonial: innovation to enhance health and safety at work

FM Logistic testimonial : innovation to enhance health and safety at work

August 31, 2021

ABOUT FM LOGISTICFounded in France in 1967, FM Logistic is an independent family business providing supply chain solutions for omnichannel businesses in the distribution, retail, cosmetics, industry and healthcare sectors. Its services include warehousing, all-channel order picking, co-packing, domestic and ...

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