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Health Market Analysis in Hospitals and Retirement Homes

The health sector is made up of hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, public or private thermal care establishments whose role is to guarantee a care and support activity while controlling the risks of contamination and promoting the well - being of patients. and residents during stays and hospitalizations. Medical teams are trained in patient protection practices and compliance with health regulations.

  • The procedures should refer to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principle. This identifies the most dangerous practices, so that measures can be taken to reduce the risks and ensure a quality of hygiene in the establishment and within the teams.
  • The healthcare and welfare industry reported more cases of patient injury and illness than any other sector of private industry - 582,800 cases. (source)
  • On a national scale, workers’ compensation losses result in a total annual expense of $2 billion for hospitals!


  • Global Gamified Healthcare Solutions Market is expected to rise from its initial estimated value of USD 658.21 million to an estimated value of USD 21714.84 million by 2026. (source)


  • In France, one in 10 employees works in the personal care and welfare sector. (source)
  • There are 3943 hospitals and 7554 EHPA - EHPAD. The accident frequency index* is higher in retirement homes and in home care. (source)

(*Frequency index: According to the Ameli website, the frequency index corresponds to the ratio between the number of accidents giving rise to initial compensation from the Health Insurance and the number of employees, multiplied by 1,000)

Share of occupational accidents in the sector in France:

  • Hospitals and clinics: 20% (i.e. 21,362).
  • EHPA-EHPAD: 23% (i.e. 24,418).
  • Home help and care: 19% (i.e. 15,645).
  • Other assistance and care activities: 24% (i.e. 25,816).

The categories of vigilance

In order to reinforce vigilance in terms of health safety, healthcare establishments must declare any adverse health event. There are 7 categories of vigilance (source), 3 of which are of particular importance with regard to accidents involving healthcare personnel:

  • Pharmacovigilance : exposure of health professionals to drugs (cytotoxic) during the stages of manufacture, transport, preparation, administration,elimination, through contamination of work surfaces that can cause health risks.
  • Haemovigilance : vigilance of incidents in the transfusion chain between blood donors and recipients.
  • Materiovigilance : includes all incidents related to a medical device.

What types of risks do medical staff face?

The other risks concern ergonomic risks related to lifting and repetitive tasks, laser-related risks, workplace violence, mental risks. Indeed, health personnel and in particular interns are exposed to the risks of burnout, depression and anxiety. Burnout can then lead to a poor quality of care and an increase of medical errors. In France, an intern commits suicide every 18 days. (ISNI, OSHA)

Challenges for the hospital and social sector

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Compliance with regulations:

With an obligation to comply with regulations that are constantly changing and that must be applied quickly with patients received in the hospital (see COVID crisis health protocol), the health sector must review its practices and objectives to ensure that patients and residents receive a service in line with regulations. This is an important challenge because it determines to a large extent the quality of the hospital's service and the care of the patient by the medical team.

How Immersive Factory can help:

A catalog of more than 30 training courses dedicated to quality, health and safety at work to refresh your knowledge and acquire the right gestures. This training enables health and social care professionals to master hygiene and patient protection practices during their care.
VR training workshop health sector

VR training workshops increase learner memory by 4

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Reduce the risk of contamination through skills development:

The hospital is a place where the risk of infection can be high (depending on the area) and harmful for patients weakened by health problems. Air, surface and water checks, as well as observation of hygiene practices in kitchens and canteens, are all essential actions for the safety and health of all people circulating in the environment. Staff must be attentive and respect defined health obligations.

How Immersive Factory can help:

By offering innovative training models to develop the skills of your staff, you ensure regular improvement of internal processes, and effective awareness of the risks of illness or work accidents. The sharing of information will make it possible to welcome with more serenity the patients received in face-to-face but also to enrich the medical professions with new health skills.

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The costs of health activities:

New health issues are adding to the management accounts of hospitals and retirement homes, which require a review of funding methods to ensure the sustainability of the situation and initiate the necessary actions. Deemed essential, health services must meet the challenges of the COVID pandemic in contexts of high inequalities between countries.

How Immersive Factory can help:

Our training programs allow directors of establishments to ensure a good understanding of demographic, societal and epidemiological issues through management training to better communicate, understand difficult situations, etc.. All this in order to bring to the health professionals (doctor, nurse and any other profession) the keys needed to protect patients and residents in health and retirement facilities but also to participate in the development of their daily health skills.
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Health sector challenge ehs taking into account the well-being of professionals patients or residents

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Taking into account the well-being of professionals, patients or residents:

While teams of health professionals are on all fronts, the WHO provides guidance for professionals, doctors, nurses etc to take care of their mental health. Close to the children, the sick elderly, the care teams have a crucial role in the healing of patients by ensuring their physical and psychological condition. This monitoring can only be effective if the health care team is also well supported on a mental and social level in person.

How Immersive Factory can help:

Develop immersive and engaging training experiences (in virtual reality or face-to-face) that allow you to create fun animations that will help people get off to a good start.

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A more attractive stay offer:

Diet is a care in itself and its quality is the key to being healthy. Thus, improving the stays of patients and residents by offering a better diet helps for a better remission and their comfort. Customer support applies both physically and in food.

How Immersive Factory can help:

Support you in setting up the restaurant function to provide quality service. Our training organization REACTIV’ audits malfunctions in the kitchens, on the design and production of menus, the organization of human resources, but also on the management of staff. The objective is to support cooks in their skills development and their role as managers.
Health sector challenge ehs more attractive stay offer

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